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The governance of UK-China Media and Cultural Studies Association is overseen by its Council.



UCMeCSA Council 2016-2018

Tianyang Zhou 周天杨, University of Sussex, Founder, 创始人

Tianyang Zhou is a Ph.D. Candidate in Media and Cultural Studies. His Ph.D. research focuses on Chinese queer culture in a digital age. He is also interested in Digital Culture Studies, Celebrity Studies, Gender and Sexuality, Queer Theory, Intersectionality Studies, Online Activism research, Chinese Social Media, and Autobiographical Research. 


Yuxin Liu 刘宇昕, University of East Anglia, Chair, 轮值主席

Yuxin Liu is a Ph.D. Candidate in Journalism. Her research focuses on how social media influence Chinese mainstream journalism. She is also interested in professional norms, digital media, Chinese media study, media censorship and online journalism. 


Wei Cui 崔巍, University of Leicester, Vice-Chair, 轮值副主席

Wei Cui is currently working on her Ph.D. project ‘Crisis Communication in China: Strategies taken by the Chinese Government and Public Sentiment’. She is passionate about researching how Chinese culture and digital media technology have influenced this crisis communication process. 


Zan Cheng 程赞, University of East Anglia, Vice-Chair, 轮值副主席

Zan Cheng gained his MPhil from the University of East Anglia. 


Dr. Yupei Zhao 赵瑜珮, Sun Yat-sen University 

Dr. Yupei Zhao holds a Ph.D. degree in Media and Communication from the University of Leicester. Her research focuses on Citizen Participation in the Political Communication via Weibo.


Shulin Gong 巩述林, Cardiff University 

Shulin Gong is a Ph.D. Candidate in Media and Cultural Studies from Cardiff University.


Yakun Yu 于雅坤, Swansea University 

Yakun Yu is a Ph.D. Candidate in Media and Communication from Swansea University. Her research interests include cross-subject fields: the study of journalism, media and communication, public diplomacy, political studies, and culture studies. 


Dr. Tianbo Xu 徐天博, Anhui University 

Dr. Tianbo Xu holds a Ph.D. degree in Journalism from the University of Sheffield. He is a lecturer at School of Journalism and Communication, Anhui University 




Tianyang Zhou, Yuxin Liu, Wei Cui, Zan Cheng;

Dr. Yupei Zhao, Shulin Gong, Yankun Yu, Dr. Tianbo Xu.


UK-China Media and Cultural Studies Association is managed by the Administration Committee which is responsible for the running of the organisation.



Administration Committee 2017-2018


Dr. Ken Wang 王肯, University of Leicester

Dr. Ken Wang holds a Ph.D. degree in Media and Communication from the University of Leicester. My research project is about the local politics of Chinese creative industries policies. 



Lisa Lin, Royal Holloway, University of London

Lisa Lin is a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Media Arts, Royal Holloway, University of London. Lisa has been investigating the shifting production cultures and work practices of Chinese convergent television as her doctoral thesis. She is particularly interested in the creative autonomy of Chinese television producers in the age of media convergence and how Chinese broadcasters have been evolving their practices in the nexus of commercial, ideological, and cultural forces.


Zhenghan Gao, University of Leicester

Zhenghan Gao is a Ph.D. candidate in School of Media, Communication, and Sociology, University of Leicester. His current research interest is health communication and public communication. He is also interested in citizen engagement and health rumors; the popularity of e-health and digital health in developing country especially in rural areas. 


Runze Ding, University of Leeds

Runze Ding is a Ph.D.candidate in the School of Media and Communication, University of Leeds. He just completed nine-month ethnographic fieldwork for his project which looks at gay identity and digital media in China.  


Dingming Yu, University of Glasgow

Dingming Yu is a Ph.D. Candidate at School of Social and Political sciences, Glasgow University. Her research project is about How Chinese media present the topic of climate change.


Ruoxin Li, University of East Anglia, secretary 秘书

Ruoxi Li gained her M.A. from the University of East Anglia. She is interested in how Chinese social media interacts with activism. 



Associate Academics 相关学者

Prof. Paul Bowman, University of Cardiff

Dr. Jessica Chang, National Taiwan University

Dr. Sanna Inthorn, University of East Anglia

Dr. Eleftheria J. Lekakis, University of Sussex

Dr. Sharif Mowlabocus, University of Sussex

Dr. Gianluigi Negro, The Università della Svizzera italiana

Dr. Patricia Prieto-Blanco, University of Brighton

Dr. Luke Robinson, University of Sussex

Dr. Maria Sakellari, University of Brighton

Dr. Wen-Ching Ting, University of Sussex

Dr. Yan Wu, Swansea University

Dr. Jinghan Zeng, Royal Holloway, University of London

Dr. Zhan Zhang, The Università della Svizzera italiana

Dr. Yimei Zhu, University of Leicester