UK – China Media and Cultural Studies Association is managed by an executive committee that meets quarterly and is responsible for the running of the organisation. 


UCMeCSA Executive Committee (2019-2020)

  • 周天杨 Tianyang Zhou, University of Sussex, President 
  • 刘宇昕 Yuxin Liu, University of East Anglia, Vice-President 
  • 崔   巍 Wei Cui, University of Leicester, Vice-President 
  • 李柏翰 Po-Han Lee, University of Sussex, Co-convenor of Communications 
  • 黄   兴 Xing Huang, University of East Anglia, Co-convenor of Communications 
  • 丁润泽 Runze Ding, University of Leeds, Convenor of Academic Development
  • 余孜政 Zizheng Yu, Cardiff University, Convenor of Annual Conference
  • 陈延舟 Yanzhou Chen, University of East Anglia, Convenor of Training
  • 张   铭 Ming Zhang, Bournemouth University
  • 管泽旭 Zexu Guan, Leiden University
  • 徐天博 Tianbo Xu, Anhui University
  • 林   欣 Xin Lin (Lisa), University of Kent 
  • 巩述林 Shulin Gong, Communication University of Zhejiang
  • 王   肯 Ken Wang, University of Leicester