We have been working with Intellect China Library by Intellect Publishing, and we welcome more collaboration with any other academic/publishing organizations to provide our members with the best of service, support, and advice. 


Intellect China Library series 

The Intellect China Library is a series of new English translations of books by Chinese scholars that have not previously been available in English language academia. Covering the subjects in film studies, visual arts, performing arts, media, and cultural studies, the series aims to foster intellectual debate and to promote closer cross-cultural intellectual exchanges by introducing important works of Chinese scholarship to our readers.


Intellect Publishing 

Intellect is an independent academic publisher in the fields of creative practice and popular culture, publishing scholarly books and journals that exemplify our mission as publishers of original thinking. We aim to provide a vital space for widening critical debate in new and emerging subjects, and in this way we differ from other publishers by campaigning for the author rather than producing a book or journal to fill a gap in the market. We publish in four distinct subject areas: visual arts, film studies, cultural and media studies, and performing arts. These categories host Intellect’s ever-expanding topics of enquiry, which include photography, drawing, curation, community music, gaming and scenography. Intellect titles are often multidisciplinary, presenting scholarly work at the cross section of arts, media and creative practice. Intellect seeks to offer an unbiased platform for quality critical debate; we are committed to representing the author’s voice authentically, without imposition of our personal ideas or opinions. We place great emphasis on providing a service to our authors and editors. 

Intellect为英国著名学术出版社,专门出版创意实践和流行文化学科的英文书籍和期刊,以发表创新的学术思想为 己任。我们致力为新兴学科提供更宽广的辩论发展平台,这也是我们有别于其他出版机构的地方:我们旨在为作 家提供支持和推广机会,而不仅为填补市场空缺而出版书籍或刊物。我们现时的出版范围包括:文化及媒体研究,电影研究,表演艺术以及视觉艺术等不同科目,探讨的议题同时不 断扩张,涵盖时装、流行文化、摄影、绘画、策展、社区音乐、游戏和舞台布景等学科。Intellect的许多出版都 是跨学界的,包括一系列横越艺术,媒体和创意实践范畴的学术佳作。Intellect旨为高质量的辩论提供中立的平台。我们致力表现作者最真实的声音,不强加以任何私人意见和观点, 尤其强调为我们的作者和编辑提供服务。