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2016 Europe-China Dialogue: Media and Communication Studies Summer School

Europe-China Dialogue: Media and Communication Studies Summer School 2016

Lugano, Switzerland (July 4-10, 2016)

After the successful experience in 2014 and 2015, the China Media Observatory of Università della Svizzera Italiana (USI) in cooperation with School of Journalism and Communication of Peking University, will operate the THIRD edition of Europe-China Dialogue: Media and Communication Studies Summer School from July 4 through July 10, 2016. For the first time, this summer school will be hosted in Europe (the first two were in China).  In 2016 we will convene in Lugano, a beautiful city located in the Italian speaking region of Switzerland.

The program is open to the full variety of academic work from the field of communication and media studies for young scholars, PhD students, and master students who have strong academic interests.  The summer school should especially interest scholars with a background in international communication studies, intercultural communication studies, Chinese/European media studies and culture/language studies. It aims to bring together researchers from Europe, China, the United States and other countries or regions in order to debate contemporary issues in media, communication, political economy and cultural studies in the background of a new world power structure in the making.

Inspired by the ECREA Doctoral Summer School, this summer school will bring together highly qualified and well-respected professors from Europe, China and the United States.  These scholars will present and discuss their recent research and engage participants in a highly supportive international setting where young scholars can also present their own ongoing work, receive feedback on their current or future research projects from international experts, and meet students and academics from other countries, establishing valuable contacts for the future.


European-American Faculty

Prof. Giuseppe Richeri, European Media Market & Public Broadcasting Service in Europe; Università della Svizzera Italiana, Lugano, Switzerland;

Prof. Daniel Perrin, Towards Writing-by-the-Way Understanding The Digital Writing Shift In The Newsroom; Zurich University of Applied Science, Winterthur, Switzerland

Prof. Thomas Hollihan, Narrative Arguments in Media Studies; University of Southern California, USA

Prof. Daya Thussu, BRICS and a New World Communication Order, University of Westminster, UK;

Prof. Patricia Riley Strategic Communication and Its Global Impact, University of Southern California, USA

Prof. Gabriele Balbi, European Media History, Università della Svizzera Italiana, Lugano, Switzerland;

Prof. Monika Metykova, Media As Tools of Public Diplomacy, University of Sussex, UK;

Dr. Emma Lupano, From Policy To the Press: Chinese Media Discourse on Terrorism, Milan University, Italy;

Dr. Gianluigi Negro, The Constitutive Choices of European and Chinese Internet(s) , Università della Svizzera Italiana, Lugano, Switzerland;

Dr. Zhan Zhang, The Mediated Interdependence Between Europe and China After the Financial Crisis; University of Southern California, USA;


Chinese Faculty

Prof. Chin-Chuan Lee, Local Experiences, Cosmopolitan Theories: on Cultural Relevance in International Communication Research, ICA Fisher Mentorship Award Recipient, City University of Hong Kong;

Prof. Lu Shaoyang, The Film Industry in China, Peking University

Prof. Guo Zhenzhi, Chinese Media: History and Current Development, Tsinghua University

Prof. Lu Ye, From News Production to News Curation: New Technology and Liquid Journalism in China’s Transition, Fudan University;

Prof. Yu Hong, The Media Position and Authority of Documentaries in International Communication, Peking University

Prof. Lu Di, The Development of Chinese TV Industry: Current Scope and Future Trends, Peking University

Prof. Xu Jing, Nation Branding and Public Diplomacy in China, Peking University;

Prof. Wang Xiaohong, The Development of TV Journalism in Contemporary China, Communication University of China

Prof. Xu Jinghong, Internet Privacy Protection in China, Beijing Normal University


Media Dialogue:

Conversation with CNN: senior correspondent Mike Chinoy (30 years experiences as foreign correspondent, who reported China in 1990s).

Conversation with SSR (Swiss national public radio & television) and local press stakeholders (from newspapers and magazines).




China Media Observatory at USI:  China Media Observatory aims at systematically monitoring the evolution of the system of media and communications in China according to the main economic, political as well as social and cultural dimensions. In function of the activities it carries out, the Observatory favors exchanges for teaching and research purposes and establishes collaboration agreements with European universities, which have started permanent activity of research on media in China, as well as with Chinese universities which are interested in collaborating and exchanges with our university in the scientific and teaching field.  Link:

School of Journalism and Communication, Peking University: Peking University is a pioneer in modern Journalistic education in China. In 1918, Peking University started the first Journalistic course and founded the Journalism Research Institute that was the first of its kind in China. In 1952, Peking University opened the first Journalism Studies program since the founding of the People’s Republic of China and the new School of Journalism and Communication was established in 2001. Founded in 1898, Peking University was the first national comprehensive university in China and became a center for progressive thought in China across time. Mao Zedong, Chen Duxiu, Hu Shi and many other leaders of China all gained professional experience here. In 2014, The Chinese University Alumni Association and China Education Center considered it as No.1 among national universities. Internationally, both the Times Higher Education World University Rankings and the World Reputation Rankings recently placed Peking University at 45th in the world. Link:


Institutional Contributors:

UK-China Media and Cultural Studies Association (UCMeCSA), United Kingdom.

Department of Applied Linguistics, Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), Switzerland.

Department of Studies in Language Mediation and Intercultural Communication, University of Milan, Italy.



BlueFuture PR Consulting, China



Dr. Zhan Zhang, Project Manager in Europe/America / 

Prof. Xu Jing, Project Manager in China/Asia

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