Welcome to UK-China Media and Cultural Studies Association.

Established in London in 2014, UK-China Media and Cultural Studies Association (UCMeCSA) aims to provide a communication platform for international scholars in the landscape of media, communication, and cultural studies. To combine diverse research interests in media, communication and cultural studies, UCMeCSA collaborates with Lancaster University Confucius Institute, School of Media, Film and Music, University of Sussex, Department of Languages, Translation and Communication, Swansea University, School of Film, Television and Media Studies, University of East Anglia, School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies, Cardiff University, School of Media, Communication and Sociology, University of Leicester, Department of Media Arts, Royal Holloway, University of London, China Media Observatory, Università della Svizzera italiana, and look forward to any further-to-come mutual cooperation to enrich research dialogues between China and the West. After our first conference, held in February 2015 at Cardiff University, second conference, held in April 2017 at University of East Anglia, and third conference, held in January 2019 at University of Leicester, we are preparing for our fourth conference scheduled in 2020 at Lancaster University. Set out to achieve research excellence, UCMeCSA has been cooperating with Intellect and Networking Knowledge to develop our own publication. We dedicate to foster collaboration across international universities and work to support prospective students and scholars in relevant disciplines. we also aim to approach a broader audience through engaging with various critical and creative media practices.





英中媒体与文化研究学会 (UCMeCSA) 于2014年在英国伦敦成立,着力为中外学生学者们提供一个在 ‘媒体’、‘传播’、与 ‘文化’ 领域互相交流的平台。学会现已与多所大学相关院系以及学术研究机构展开了合作,其中包括:兰卡斯特大学孔子学院、萨塞克斯大学媒体,电影与音乐学院、斯旺西大学语言,翻译与传播学院、东英吉利大学电影,电视与媒体研究学院、卡迪夫大学新闻,媒体与文化研究学院、莱斯特大学媒体,传播与社会学院、伦敦大学皇家霍洛威传媒和艺术学院以及瑞士提契诺大学传播科学院中国传媒研究中心等。我们期待未来能与更多的学术单位以及科研、媒体机构相互交流合作,共同致力于加强国际学术对话以及媒体实践交流,为相关领域的学生、学者、媒体从业者提供帮助和支持。学会已于二零一五年二月在卡迪夫大学成功举办了第一届年会, 于二零一七年四月在东英吉利大学成功举办了第二届年会, 于二零一九年一月在莱斯特大学成功举办了第三届年会, 目前第四届年会正在积极筹办中, 并计划于二零二零年年初在兰卡斯特大学举行。Intellect 出版集团以及 Network Knowledge 作为学会的主要出版合作伙伴,在未来将会给学会会员提供更多的学术出版机会。英中媒体与文化研究学会期待您的加入!


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