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UCMeCSA+ is an open access academic digital platform for the online practice, academic blogs, and curation of internationally produced research and scholarship. UCMeCSA+ is managed by an editorial board composed of international graduate researchers.



UCMeCSA+ Editorial Board

Founding Chief-Editor

Tianyang Zhou, University of Sussex

Deputy Managing Editors (2016-2017)

Cheng Zan, University of East Anglia

Cui Wei, University of Leicester

Assistant Editors (2016-2017)

Lin Lidi, University of East Anglia;

Wang Mengmeng, University of East Anglia


Editorial Board (Assistant Communication Officers) (2016-2017)

Cheng Sa, University of Nanjing

Ding Runze, University of Leeds

Dong Lijie, University of Alberta

Fan Xiang,  Goldsmiths, University of London

Jia Xiufeng, London School of Economics and Political Science

Wang Ziyi, Peking University

Xu Song, University of Nanjing

Xue Yuanchen, University of Leicester

Qiang Fu, Chinese National Academy of Arts

Ning Zhou, Chinese National Academy of Arts